Mastering the Art

Well it’s done… A bit late in blogging about it, but I was so tired yesterday. The mastering took the grand total of 10 hours (or there abouts). Amazing when you consider that the CD we were mastering was only 45 minutes long. We are very pleased with the result. I was very nervous before […]

Mixing it up

Well… it’s almost done. The mixing of the CD we are working on has been completed. The whole thing was mixed in Sonar in fact it was also recorded entirely in Sonar… I must admit that I had a very nice experience with Sonar recording it… the PC was booted up in the morning, Sonar […]

Sonar 5 Producer

Well I have just received possession of Sonar version 5… !!! Woo hoo… Thanks to my family for a nice Birthday present. I am looking forward to having a play, although I can see when as we are on a tight schedule here at work (imminent release in less than 2 weeks), but I’m sure […]