Mixing it up

Well… it’s almost done. The mixing of the CD we are working on has been completed. The whole thing was mixed in Sonar in fact it was also recorded entirely in Sonar… I must admit that I had a very nice experience with Sonar recording it… the PC was booted up in the morning, Sonar was opened and was used to record 17 tracks over about 10 hours with no crashes.. no resets or restarts needed !! It just did it’s stuff.
The mixing was equally non-problematic. It’s been a dream. Hard work (about 16 hours worth) but a dream none the less. (in fact if you add in all the tweeking I have been doing over the last year to the recording, then that time would probably go up to more like 50 hours !!)
As far as the quality of the mix is concerned, we will see when we turn up at Grahams to do the mastering, I’m sure there will be plenty of things that we notice on the day.

Because of that I am concidering bringing a laptop with Sonar installed, so that if there are any that are obviously wrong we can remix quickly then export again while he works on another song.

Well I think I need a rest now… the last two days have been manic… our daughter has been a star.. just happily playing on her own while we got on with the task in hand. (extra pocket money and Daddy time due !!)