Some Progress with Sarah’s Website

I have made some progress with Sarah’s new website design… I have overcome some of the CSS incompatibilities that seemed to be causing me so much grief.
So given a bit more time.. There seems to be less of it these days… I should have something new to put up soon…(sorry but “soon” is as close as I can get to a deadline with this)
What I will do now though, is to put up what we have got so far, even if this is not as complete as I would like. The new stuff (specifically the bead pictures) is far better from a display point of view, even if the page doesn’t look very different.
The thing is I can now change the style and look of the page completely, without having to scrabble arround in html layout tables…!!! 😉
After that the next step is to set up an eBay selling account (and Paypal), so that we can sell online.
Sigh… Well more stuff to do… It’s never ending it seems.
As for CSS, I feel that I am understanding more and more all the time, it can be a real head banging experience if you are not careful, but certainly looking at how other people have laid out their sites has helped enormously (see my blog post “A useful CSS resource“)