Sarah’s new website design

We have spent the best part of two days (well many hours at least) OK… it felt like several days, taking a whole load of new pictures for
I have also started designing the new layout that will be fully CSS and HTML strict compliant, I have tried to – as much as possible anyway – separate the content from the design. (although this is not completely possible – see article on

Although far from perfect it should allow me to change the layout and overall design without having to faff about with the raw HTML !! 😉

Well that’s the theory anyway… as for the proof, we’ll just have to wait and see… with any luck the new design should be up in the next few days.

Silver Lemon Designs by Sarah Downton

This is actually my wife’s site (which I maintain)…
Glass beads are all the rage now… honest,
They are all individually hand crafted using traditional lampworking techniques. (i.e. a very hot flame, and bits of glass)
She also makes silver jewellery both on it’s own and incorporating her glass beads

Silver Lemon Designs by Sarah Downton

Also see Glass bead makers UK for more information on glass bead making.