Team Ellen

Busy keeping an eye on Ellen MacArthur @ Team This is just so close… I can’t help but check back every few hours to see what’s happening. Just hoping that the wind will keep her going, and that the high pressure that she is entering will not slow her down too much. Amazingly there […]


Finally… I am now in the 21st Century… We have finally had ADSL installed, and what a relief it is, no longer having to worry how long I was spending online.Maybe I will write some more for the blog…Or maybe there still wont be enough time in the day… (to be honest that seems the […]

New Year already !!

I cannot believe that it is 2005 already and I havn’t posted anything since the middle of November.. Ho Hum. I’ve just been so busy that there has not been any time to write anything. On another note if you live in the Horsham area, pop along to Spellcast Glass Studio (in the alley-way between […]

We just missed being hit by a tornado !

Looks like we narrowly missed being hit by a tornado this morning !!! BBC News: Salvage operation after ‘tornado’ I must admit I just slept right through… aparently the wind was quite strong where we were anyway, although the tornado was about 1 mile away – that’s quite close enough for me thank you very […]