Little boxes, little boxes….

After a mad day getting up far earlier than should be legally allowed (7:00) to go to one of Sarah’s Jewellery fairs, we also decided to go visit IKEA to get some bits for Sarah and try to sort out and organise our living room. While trying to find our way around the new layout at Croydon’s IKEA, I spotted a rather useful opaque white plastic storage box that will (I hope) be perfect as a light tent for photographing jewellery and beads without all those annoying reflections, and for much less than a light tent.
If it works I may well post the results here and let you know how it worked out.
Getting the right set-up for taking pictures of beads and jewellery is very difficult; we have spent countless hours taking photographs, only to come out with one or two useable ones… (Personally I think Sarah is a bit picky, but hey it’s her stuff so therefore her prerogative I suppose!)
So anyway, these ones are NOT made out of ticky tacky.. but they do all look the same !

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