Stuck on how to style your lists…? Can’t seem to work out how to style a list to make it into a nice menu…? Well help is at hand… Enter Listamatic. Basically it’s a really nice site that gives a whole load of examples (HTML and CSS) for many list styles and designs. Go have […]

Glass beadmakers is live

Well that’s it… it’s finally up and running, slightly later than intended, but the new GBUK website is finally up and running. The final push was to sort out some discrepancies in the look and feel. (I’m sure there are some more), and also to make the site a bit easier to navigate. More Pages […]

Mastering the Art

Well it’s done… A bit late in blogging about it, but I was so tired yesterday. The mastering took the grand total of 10 hours (or there abouts). Amazing when you consider that the CD we were mastering was only 45 minutes long. We are very pleased with the result. I was very nervous before […]

Mixing it up

Well… it’s almost done. The mixing of the CD we are working on has been completed. The whole thing was mixed in Sonar in fact it was also recorded entirely in Sonar… I must admit that I had a very nice experience with Sonar recording it… the PC was booted up in the morning, Sonar […]

Masses of CSS goodies

Oooo Oooo Oooo… a new post… well OK maybe a bit boring for most, but I stumbled across this site It’s just cramed full of links to very useful CSS articles. Very handy when you are trying to come up with some new ideas and site designs !!

Now I am completely lost…

Ahem… so come on… what the hell was that all about…? I am of course refering to LOST… (well the final 2 episodes that were shown tonight on C4) Now I am more confused than I was before. That was certainly an exciting ending, but man how many cliff hangers can they leave you with… […]