Glass beadmakers is live

Well that’s it… it’s finally up and running, slightly later than intended, but the new GBUK website is finally up and running.

The final push was to sort out some discrepancies in the look and feel. (I’m sure there are some more), and also to make the site a bit easier to navigate.

More Pages will be added in the next few weeks, for starters we need a “How to do it” page, and a “What is Lampworking” page, so that should keep us busy for the next few weeks.

New Glass Beadmakers UK Website

Phew… We are in the final throws of the new website for Glass beadmakers UK

Depending on when you look at it it will be either the old or the new site, If it doesn’t look like this picture, then it is the old one.

GBUK Site Look and feel

I will make sure the old pages link to the new ones with some dodgy mod-rewrite rules, so all the old links and google cache should be fine and updated.

The whole site will be run from WordPress with my own custom theme. Therefore because its WordPress its all XHTML compliant with as much semantic markup as I can manage and all styling is CSS… I’m sure that there are some incompatibilities with some very old browsers, but it works fine in IE5.5, 6 Firefox and Opera.

One advantage of using WordPress is that I can let some of the committee members post news items themselves, and update any pages that they own (ie tuition pages)

But on that… that’s one thing that I find a bit anyoying about WordPress “as it comes”, is that I cannot set up a page to be editable by another user… posts yes but not pages (If you are allowed to edit pages then you can also create new ones… and I don’t want that). Therefore I will need to write a plugin to do it, which is something that I really like about WordPress…!!!

To be honest though, the site will probably not be up for another week, as I also have a very hectic schedule this week mixing and producing a CD with my wife which is booked in for mastering at Cyclone Music Productions next Wednesday. It has to be mastered by then because we need the CD run to be available for sale by the middle of March. (More on that when I have finished mixing it)
Too much to do… and not enough time.

New blog location

Well I have just moved my blog here on, from blogger…
I shall be updating the style to something more “me”, as soon as I can get around to it.
It’s about time I moved away from blogger, onto something more professional

Right… a bit of an overhall on Sarah’s site tonight… new pictures for the “Spring Collection”, plus prety much every page was updated in some form or another.

I am looking into how I can make this all automatic. Hopefully we will shortly be moving over to a new host that supports PHP and mySQL so I can automate a lot of the boilerplate work, plus let Sarah add her own news items and pictures into a gallery (possibly Simple PHP Gallery) as they come up. Also thinking about maybe using word press so she can keep a blog on the site too… maybe I can even run the whole site off it… (I will have to see about that).

The best bit will be the automated gallery, as at the moment adding all the descriptions multiple times for the alt and title tags and the image title is a pain in the bum. Plus I have to create all the thumbnails by hand, and make sure all the thumbnails are linked to the correct images.

Ahhh well, now just got to work out a way to give her an admin interface that she can use easily, but is also powerfull enough to do what she wants.