Stuck on how to style your lists…?
Can’t seem to work out how to style a list to make it into a nice menu…?
Well help is at hand…

Enter Listamatic.

Basically it’s a really nice site that gives a whole load of examples (HTML and CSS) for many list styles and designs. Go have a look.

New Glass Beadmakers UK Website

Phew… We are in the final throws of the new website for Glass beadmakers UK

Depending on when you look at it it will be either the old or the new site, If it doesn’t look like this picture, then it is the old one.

GBUK Site Look and feel

I will make sure the old pages link to the new ones with some dodgy mod-rewrite rules, so all the old links and google cache should be fine and updated.

The whole site will be run from WordPress with my own custom theme. Therefore because its WordPress its all XHTML compliant with as much semantic markup as I can manage and all styling is CSS… I’m sure that there are some incompatibilities with some very old browsers, but it works fine in IE5.5, 6 Firefox and Opera.

One advantage of using WordPress is that I can let some of the committee members post news items themselves, and update any pages that they own (ie tuition pages)

But on that… that’s one thing that I find a bit anyoying about WordPress “as it comes”, is that I cannot set up a page to be editable by another user… posts yes but not pages (If you are allowed to edit pages then you can also create new ones… and I don’t want that). Therefore I will need to write a plugin to do it, which is something that I really like about WordPress…!!!

To be honest though, the site will probably not be up for another week, as I also have a very hectic schedule this week mixing and producing a CD with my wife which is booked in for mastering at Cyclone Music Productions next Wednesday. It has to be mastered by then because we need the CD run to be available for sale by the middle of March. (More on that when I have finished mixing it)
Too much to do… and not enough time.

Masses of CSS goodies

Oooo Oooo Oooo… a new post… well OK maybe a bit boring for most, but I stumbled across this site
It’s just cramed full of links to very useful CSS articles.
Very handy when you are trying to come up with some new ideas and site designs !!

Professional XHTML and CSS

Well… had some time to recover from the course held by Eric Meyer on Professional CSS XHTML Techniques (It was a long day, up at 6:30 for a 9:00 start, finishing proper at 18:30, then talking in the bar for an hour or so, finally getting home at 21:30… Phew !!!)
It was certainly an interesting course, and it has definitely clarified several things for me… One of the things I was pleased about was the fact that, as I am pretty much self taught as far as CSS and XHTML are concerned, I have not got it all wrong. That’s got to be a good thing.
I will try to gather my thoughts for a more in-depth review… but then again if Peter is going to do that…. maybe I won’t bother !! Who knows…

Eric Meyer on Professional CSS XHTML Techniques

Not posted for a while but I’m looking forward to going to Eric Meyer on Professional CSS XHTML Techniques – A One Day Workshop by Carson Workshops, focusing on CSS, XHTML and Accessibility
So I’d better go to bed as I have to be up at 6:30 tommorow morning, and I’m still here typing away…!!
I hope to get some nice nuggets out of this course, I hope so, as I need to do a presentation on what I’ve learnt at work when I return
I am going with Peter Westwood and I hope a good day will be had by all…!!
Well off to bed… night

Some Progress with Sarah’s Website

I have made some progress with Sarah’s new website design… I have overcome some of the CSS incompatibilities that seemed to be causing me so much grief.
So given a bit more time.. There seems to be less of it these days… I should have something new to put up soon…(sorry but “soon” is as close as I can get to a deadline with this)
What I will do now though, is to put up what we have got so far, even if this is not as complete as I would like. The new stuff (specifically the bead pictures) is far better from a display point of view, even if the page doesn’t look very different.
The thing is I can now change the style and look of the page completely, without having to scrabble arround in html layout tables…!!! 😉
After that the next step is to set up an eBay selling account (and Paypal), so that we can sell online.
Sigh… Well more stuff to do… It’s never ending it seems.
As for CSS, I feel that I am understanding more and more all the time, it can be a real head banging experience if you are not careful, but certainly looking at how other people have laid out their sites has helped enormously (see my blog post “A useful CSS resource“)

Re-sizeable Two Columns – Left Menu CSS

I have modified the BlueRobot layout reservoir 2 column – left menu layout to allow for dynamic resizing.
See my new design here -> Re-sizeable Two Columns – Left Menu
The only real difference is in the CSS, in that this now scales correctly. (Try changing the font size in the browser, Ctrl + “Mouse scroll wheel” should do the trick). All positioning and sizes are now done using em’s as opposed to pixels. This can make the site much more accessible for people who like their fonts a bit bigger.
I have tested this in Firefox IE6 and Mozilla (latest versions) and if someone can test in Opera and others (ie Safari etc) that would be great!
There is every posibility that there are some issues with this, as it is a first hit, and as such may need some tweaking.